Drugging Children into Submission is a Crime

Society has removed the ability of parents and teachers to properly discipline children, expecting them to be model little “adults” because they have continually jammed them into classrooms bereft of getting the necessary individual nurturing all children need and deserve, and then when they “act out” (actually act NORMAL) drugs them into submission.  Let’s face it, we hire teachers to “educate”, and the subject matter taught is in large part for stimulating memory only – it doesn’t really try, or want to try, to teach children how to think or be creative.  Children coming into the world today are creative and very talented, but their creativity and talent is being thwarted.  Thus boredom sets in, and therein lies at least part of the problem.  So the teachers find it difficult to teach them, and to placate the teachers’ need to have little robots to program, drugs are administered. 

Kensey Kat on PianoChildren are small animals of the human species.  Having just acquired an approximate 8 month old kitten, I am once again experiencing having to teach a “youngster” manners and good behaviour.  Regardless of my expectations, though, this kitten “child” still has her own moods, a need for protection, expectations of attention and love, and will even approach a stranger to get the latter.  However, children, entering school at younger and younger ages, are being deprived of these things by virtue of the ratio of child to adult.  Teachers are encouraged NOT to touch the children, or display any kind of affection for them.  So sometimes the only way to ‘rise to the top’ is to make enough noise or distraction to get the attention wanted.

The energy of a youngster (human or cat) is also frenetic – they NEED to move in order to be comfortable, and it is HEALTHY for them to move, as well.  All too soon they fall into the habits of sitting immobile for hours in front of TV’s and computers. So not only are they being drugged into submission, they are being set up (unwittingly perhaps) for a host of diseases and disorders, diabetes being pretty much at the top of the list, because they never learn to deal appropriately with stress, and it’s hard to encourage someone drugged into a stupor to move and get appropriate exercise.

Dr. Mercola ( http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/09/01/one-million-kids-in-us-misdiagnosed-with-adhd.aspx?aid=CD945 ) has proposed that diet plays a large part in the development of ADHD.  In our high-fructose consuming society, he might be on to something.  He also proposes that children are being pushed into situations beyond their maturity levels, and expected to perform at earlier and earlier ages to higher age standards.  Sounds like stress to me!

It is my belief that administering drugs to children to alter their natural and normal behaviours is a crime.  Fifty years ago, unruly children were physically disciplined, but generally only after some explanation of where changes were needed, and consequences explained. While I don’t agree that hitting a child is appropriate as the ONLY means of doing that, at times a good smack to the seat of learning will do wonders. Time-outs DON’T work, because children just go (hypnotically) into their imaginations, and some even drift off to sleep.  My son fell off his little chair, and did a face-plant on the floor while having a time-out at age four.

Children back in the 1940’s and ’50’s were taught right from wrong by parents first, and then later teachers reinforced with sometimes harsher discipline, which was generally a last resort.  They were, however, also allowed to move and have fun. It is that same group of children that are now entering their 60’s and 70’s, and who are setting records for being healthy, for the most part.  Something RIGHT had to have happened for this to occur.  Looking back, with each generation having improved standards for health, education and economical opportunities, one has to ask “What is missing now?” I think it is very obvious:  adults today have abdicated their right to parent to educators who have willingly abdicated their part to pharmaceutical companies that only sees one thing – their bottom line.  And that bottom line is getting healthier with each passing generation of children, now.

Finally, the terms (not the so-called diseases) ADD and ADHD were INVENTED by the psychological community, so they would have an appropriate label to use when administering drugs for the so-called “problem” of NORMAL children. They have even admitted as much amongst themselves.  That is the root of the crime, and parents need to stand up for their children NOW and say “ENOUGH!! – Let our kids be kids!”.

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