Laughing it off…

I had a crazy, funny dream this morning just before waking up!! I think I released a lot of anger I had been holding onto – woke up chuckling, almost laughing.  I just felt lighter, less burdened about something.

In the dream, I had been working somewhere, and had been given notice that my “term” had been reduced. I was talking to a co-worker about it and then suddenly found myself in the produce section of a grocer’s, and someone there was throwing an angry fit, grabbing huge watermelons, and forcefully hurling them to the floor so that they exploded all over everyone.  A man attempted to stop the person from doing this, and he ended up going down into a dishevelled heap with the next melon. 

Then, the person heaving the melons stopped, picked up the “deflated” man, shook him out, and set him down in a chair. I could sense myself witnessing all of this, and trying, unsuccessfully, not to laugh at the scene, while the man who had been squashed, sat trying not to laugh at my efforts to try not laughing. It was infectious, as others around me also were trying not to laugh, lots of snickering going on.

Anyways, I woke up to the sound of my kitty meowing to be let into the room, but still carrying the visual of the guy snickering in the background.

I think my sense of humor gets me past a lot of the junk that comes up (from Holosync meditation practice), so I’m guessing that what I’m passing along here is that trying to keep a lighter perspective of things when they “look like hell” is helpful.  Just remembering now (a mental trigger firing) that in Tarot, the Devil card esoterically represents “humor” – all the incongruities/miss-matches on the card represent the “sh*t that happens” in our lives, and the best way to get past most of it is to just WITNESS it, perhaps laugh at it if possible, and move forward.

Have a gloriously happy Spring!


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