Hypnosis as Spiritual Work

Off and on I’ve had the discussion with people about Guardian Angels.  Some people have expressed that we have anywhere from one to several, just waiting to do our bidding.  I have on rare occasions sensed the presence of an Angel, more by energy, but on one particular occasion, very clearly while I was in deep meditation.

Having been channeling for almost thirty years, I also believe in “Guides”, but I don’t put “Guides” in the same category as “Angels”, guardian or otherwise.  Regardless of the name, I believe that we can and will receive spiritual guidance from somewhere if we are open to it.

Recently I was having my final hypnosis session (out of 6) with a client, and I asked him what area he felt we needed to finish off with to conclude this phase of the hypnosis work we were doing. I was somewhat caught off guard, and didn’t have a particular script, or even outline of one, for the particular item that he brought up. So I proceeded to induce and deepen his hypnotic trance, and as I did so, I somewhat followed him down, as I do with most clients. Simultaneously I was seeking guidance of where to go with this, once I had him in his ‘safe place’.

Meadow StreamSuddenly I’m sensing a meadow;  lush green grass, trees and a clear shallow stream with large smooth stones in the stream. So I guided him to the meadow scene and had him reach down into the stream and pull out three of the stones, and as they emerged from the water, each of them bore a word that shone out in rainbow colours. I then had him hold each of the stones to his head, heart and in front of his mouth respectively, so that the energy from the words could enter into his body, elaborating metaphorically on each.

Upon emerging him, he was grinning ear-to-ear. Apparently, as a child he used to play a game with stones that had magical powers if you held them to your body. He loved the rainbow lights coming off the stones, and he admitted he was a little bit ticked off when I suggested it was time to leave the meadow and come back to his ‘safe place’.  Many of my clients have expressed similar sentiments when I’ve suggested its time to come back from wherever they’ve gone while we do the work with their subconscious mind.

So was this the work of his Guardian Angels leading me to somewhere he would recognize and where he would feel very comfortable ? Perhaps our Guides communicating that to my mind? Or was it a solid subconscious link with the client at spiritual levels? Perhaps all of these?

Regardless of what it was, it worked very well to get the job done, and I have a very happy client who has worked very hard with my guidance to gain peace, calm and control in his life.


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