Laughing it off…

I had a crazy, funny dream this morning just before waking up!! I think I released a lot of anger I had been holding onto – woke up chuckling, almost laughing.  I just felt lighter, less burdened about something.

In the dream, I had been working somewhere, and had been given notice that my “term” had been reduced. I was talking to a co-worker about it and then suddenly found myself in the produce section of a grocer’s, and someone there was throwing an angry fit, grabbing huge watermelons, and forcefully hurling them to the floor so that they exploded all over everyone.  A man attempted to stop the person from doing this, and he ended up going down into a dishevelled heap with the next melon. 

Then, the person heaving the melons stopped, picked up the “deflated” man, shook him out, and set him down in a chair. I could sense myself witnessing all of this, and trying, unsuccessfully, not to laugh at the scene, while the man who had been squashed, sat trying not to laugh at my efforts to try not laughing. It was infectious, as others around me also were trying not to laugh, lots of snickering going on.

Anyways, I woke up to the sound of my kitty meowing to be let into the room, but still carrying the visual of the guy snickering in the background.

I think my sense of humor gets me past a lot of the junk that comes up (from Holosync meditation practice), so I’m guessing that what I’m passing along here is that trying to keep a lighter perspective of things when they “look like hell” is helpful.  Just remembering now (a mental trigger firing) that in Tarot, the Devil card esoterically represents “humor” – all the incongruities/miss-matches on the card represent the “sh*t that happens” in our lives, and the best way to get past most of it is to just WITNESS it, perhaps laugh at it if possible, and move forward.

Have a gloriously happy Spring!


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Get on track for 2011 – Cleaning Out Unproductive Thoughts

A poster on one of the Facebook pages I frequent had a comment/some questions around how one moves past feeling depressed, hopeless, and loaded with “Thoughts of eradication, annihilation, shame, guilt, fear, despair and the good old sadness”.  Since many people seem to go through this periodically, and especially after holidays, I thought it might be helpful for people to see my response to that poster.  The main idea that I considered was how we think, and how that effects our moods, our bodies, and ultimately our health.  This is what I said:

“They are all JUST thoughts – they have no other life than that which you give them in your mind. Are they paying rent yet? If not, throw the buggers out!!! Move some better tenants in – there’s a wide choice of joy, peace, love, abundance, prosperity, good health, etc. just waiting for a good home. It’s all a matter of where you choose (notice that!) to allow your focus and energy to flow.

“Try this exercise. When you are feeling like crap, sit down comfortably in front of a mirror at least large enough to encompass the upper part of your body from top of arms upwards. Look at yourself. Can you see anywhere on you that these things are attached to you?

“Next, just to make sure they are not attached, gently pinch and pull up just above your head and body, and feel yourself flinging anything that shouldn’t be near you, away from your body far off into the Universe, with no return ticket.

“Next, force yourself to smile – the biggest, silliest grin you can muster. Put your finger-tips to your lips and blow warm kisses onto them, and transfer those warm kisses to wherever on your body you have previously sensed uncomfortable energy. Keep smiling and doing this for about 5 to 10 minutes.

“Finally, wrap your arms around yourself as widely and snuggly as you can, while saying “I love and accept myself just as I am, and I allow an in-filling of joy, peace, love, good health, prosperity, and an abundance of all good things to flow into my life now. Sit with that for another 5 to 10 minutes. Done properly, and with sincerity, you will certainly feel better. Done regularly (daily at least for a while), you will soon be finding that your life will change so much for the better, you will hardly remember the broken-down defeated person you THINK of yourself as being presently.”

If you find that you are running on empty after the holidays, try this exercise for yourself.  It contains some very helpful hypnotic and NLP techniques that you can safely use for yourself. 

If you feel as though you need some extra help with this, please feel free to contact me through my web-site – or contact an NGH Consulting Hypnotist in your area.

Wishing everyone who reads this a wonderfully blessed and prosperous 2011!


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Drugging Children into Submission is a Crime

Society has removed the ability of parents and teachers to properly discipline children, expecting them to be model little “adults” because they have continually jammed them into classrooms bereft of getting the necessary individual nurturing all children need and deserve, and then when they “act out” (actually act NORMAL) drugs them into submission.  Let’s face it, we hire teachers to “educate”, and the subject matter taught is in large part for stimulating memory only – it doesn’t really try, or want to try, to teach children how to think or be creative.  Children coming into the world today are creative and very talented, but their creativity and talent is being thwarted.  Thus boredom sets in, and therein lies at least part of the problem.  So the teachers find it difficult to teach them, and to placate the teachers’ need to have little robots to program, drugs are administered. 

Kensey Kat on PianoChildren are small animals of the human species.  Having just acquired an approximate 8 month old kitten, I am once again experiencing having to teach a “youngster” manners and good behaviour.  Regardless of my expectations, though, this kitten “child” still has her own moods, a need for protection, expectations of attention and love, and will even approach a stranger to get the latter.  However, children, entering school at younger and younger ages, are being deprived of these things by virtue of the ratio of child to adult.  Teachers are encouraged NOT to touch the children, or display any kind of affection for them.  So sometimes the only way to ‘rise to the top’ is to make enough noise or distraction to get the attention wanted.

The energy of a youngster (human or cat) is also frenetic – they NEED to move in order to be comfortable, and it is HEALTHY for them to move, as well.  All too soon they fall into the habits of sitting immobile for hours in front of TV’s and computers. So not only are they being drugged into submission, they are being set up (unwittingly perhaps) for a host of diseases and disorders, diabetes being pretty much at the top of the list, because they never learn to deal appropriately with stress, and it’s hard to encourage someone drugged into a stupor to move and get appropriate exercise.

Dr. Mercola ( ) has proposed that diet plays a large part in the development of ADHD.  In our high-fructose consuming society, he might be on to something.  He also proposes that children are being pushed into situations beyond their maturity levels, and expected to perform at earlier and earlier ages to higher age standards.  Sounds like stress to me!

It is my belief that administering drugs to children to alter their natural and normal behaviours is a crime.  Fifty years ago, unruly children were physically disciplined, but generally only after some explanation of where changes were needed, and consequences explained. While I don’t agree that hitting a child is appropriate as the ONLY means of doing that, at times a good smack to the seat of learning will do wonders. Time-outs DON’T work, because children just go (hypnotically) into their imaginations, and some even drift off to sleep.  My son fell off his little chair, and did a face-plant on the floor while having a time-out at age four.

Children back in the 1940’s and ’50’s were taught right from wrong by parents first, and then later teachers reinforced with sometimes harsher discipline, which was generally a last resort.  They were, however, also allowed to move and have fun. It is that same group of children that are now entering their 60’s and 70’s, and who are setting records for being healthy, for the most part.  Something RIGHT had to have happened for this to occur.  Looking back, with each generation having improved standards for health, education and economical opportunities, one has to ask “What is missing now?” I think it is very obvious:  adults today have abdicated their right to parent to educators who have willingly abdicated their part to pharmaceutical companies that only sees one thing – their bottom line.  And that bottom line is getting healthier with each passing generation of children, now.

Finally, the terms (not the so-called diseases) ADD and ADHD were INVENTED by the psychological community, so they would have an appropriate label to use when administering drugs for the so-called “problem” of NORMAL children. They have even admitted as much amongst themselves.  That is the root of the crime, and parents need to stand up for their children NOW and say “ENOUGH!! – Let our kids be kids!”.

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Sharing Light

We are as light striking a prism, splashing out into the world in a cheerful dance of a million colours.

We are as light striking a still pool of water, and glancing sharply off of it to illumine everything else around.

We are as stars collecting in the heavens, brilliant diamond points, creating myriad shapes to guide the consciousnesses of a billion worlds.

We are light when we smile and light up a room for someone who has sat in darkness too long.

We can bring light in many ways into the world around us. Sometimes we need reminding. Sometimes we just need some help in recognizing how to do that.

How did you share your light today? Could you share that with us, so another may find a way to do it also?

Blessings to all,

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Do You Smoke? Want to Quit?

On a Hypnotherapy/NLP forum I frequent, we’ve recently been having a discussion regarding Smoking Cessation.  Some Hypnotists have expressed that they were becoming discouraged with their efforts to help clients quit smoking cigarettes.  Let’s face it – if you’re a Hypnotist committed to helping someone break free from a habit that, for all intents and purposes, is a slow form of suicide, it can get pretty discouraging when it appears your work is, literally, “going up in smoke”.  Some of my discussion around this has been incorporated in the paragraphs below, and will be of interest to both Hypnotists and their clients.

In the discussion we talked about client commitment to the process.  Without the client being committed to the process for their own reasons, it is fruitless to move forward.  So some Hypnotists just give up at that point, and either let the potential client go to someone else for help, or the clients gives up completely on quitting.

Neither is a good choice.  Why?  Because potential smoking cessation clients who call to get help generally DO want to quit, and most are trying desperately to figure out how to do that, but have bought into the whole “It’s so hard” deal that they really do need your help, as a Hypnotist, to get to the next stage – deciding once and for all to take the plunge.

In terms of NLP modalities, most people either move toward something or away from something.  People tend to move away from something that might appear too painful, difficult, etc. to undertake.  I think the biggest challenge is getting the client to move toward something, rather than to move away from something. People that smoke are actually really good at moving toward something;  after all they’ve been moving toward cigarettes the whole time they’ve been hooked on them. To many smokers, giving up cigarettes is like giving up an old friend, or giving up something they have falsely thought gave them more control over stress. Once they are educated about how smoking actually adds stress, they generally have very few, if any, excuses to continue.

So I believe it’s a matter of diverting the attention away from the sensation that says “Gotta have a cigarette!” and move it toward something more healthy. The client must decide to follow through – they have a monetary investment (because they must pay for the two sessions up-front to make the commitment), so most will do that. If they don’t follow through (with the homework and methodology), and still feel they are ready to quit, it may cost them a bit more for the extra session or two – when they finally realize they either have to ‘go it alone’ or have the help hypnosis can provide. Most choose the latter.

Much of my first session for smoking cessation clients is focused on getting them to recognize the feelings associated with when they feel they need a cigarette, and to move the attention from that urge to something else. Like any habit, the more a person chooses the alternative (healthy) response, the more imbedded it becomes in the sub-conscious mind. I actually find NLP works better than direct suggestion for this part, because we can anchor in the desired response.

For heavy smokers, between the first and second sessions, I tend to have them cut back by five cigarettes per day, until at the fifth or seventh day (depending on pack size normally smoked), they arrive at their session not having smoked that day. Naturally, they are given motivation and help to do this with the hypnotic suggestions I provide in the initial session. I explain on the first session (I do a two session protocol, generally) that on the day they arrive at the office NOT having smoked, is the day they start a NEW habit in their lives. Up until that point, they have been practicing recognition of the urges, and gradually replacing cigarettes with doing the new habit. It is that NEW habit that we are motivating with hypnosis to keep, and in keeping the new habit, they are learning to have control over every area of their lives that had previously been dominated by the old habit. I embed the positive experience by having a small celebration, which anchors in the new habit.

This is how I quit smoking on my own (using self-hypnosis) nearly 10 years ago. I know it works.

PS: I smoked heavily for thirty years, and tried more times than I can think of to quit, with minimal success and then back on the butts again. I was finally given the choice by my employer to quit or be fired (he was a heart surgeon), and I finally recognized that I was tired of hacking up a lung every morning, and decided the job meant more to me than continuing to smoke. But I still had to break all of the numerous habits that held me chained to the cigarettes – and that’s what keeps most people stuck – the habits that go along with the smoking habit.


Hypnosis as Spiritual Work

Off and on I’ve had the discussion with people about Guardian Angels.  Some people have expressed that we have anywhere from one to several, just waiting to do our bidding.  I have on rare occasions sensed the presence of an Angel, more by energy, but on one particular occasion, very clearly while I was in deep meditation.

Having been channeling for almost thirty years, I also believe in “Guides”, but I don’t put “Guides” in the same category as “Angels”, guardian or otherwise.  Regardless of the name, I believe that we can and will receive spiritual guidance from somewhere if we are open to it.

Recently I was having my final hypnosis session (out of 6) with a client, and I asked him what area he felt we needed to finish off with to conclude this phase of the hypnosis work we were doing. I was somewhat caught off guard, and didn’t have a particular script, or even outline of one, for the particular item that he brought up. So I proceeded to induce and deepen his hypnotic trance, and as I did so, I somewhat followed him down, as I do with most clients. Simultaneously I was seeking guidance of where to go with this, once I had him in his ‘safe place’.

Meadow StreamSuddenly I’m sensing a meadow;  lush green grass, trees and a clear shallow stream with large smooth stones in the stream. So I guided him to the meadow scene and had him reach down into the stream and pull out three of the stones, and as they emerged from the water, each of them bore a word that shone out in rainbow colours. I then had him hold each of the stones to his head, heart and in front of his mouth respectively, so that the energy from the words could enter into his body, elaborating metaphorically on each.

Upon emerging him, he was grinning ear-to-ear. Apparently, as a child he used to play a game with stones that had magical powers if you held them to your body. He loved the rainbow lights coming off the stones, and he admitted he was a little bit ticked off when I suggested it was time to leave the meadow and come back to his ‘safe place’.  Many of my clients have expressed similar sentiments when I’ve suggested its time to come back from wherever they’ve gone while we do the work with their subconscious mind.

So was this the work of his Guardian Angels leading me to somewhere he would recognize and where he would feel very comfortable ? Perhaps our Guides communicating that to my mind? Or was it a solid subconscious link with the client at spiritual levels? Perhaps all of these?

Regardless of what it was, it worked very well to get the job done, and I have a very happy client who has worked very hard with my guidance to gain peace, calm and control in his life.


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